Crowley’s Ridge College awards approximately $840,000 in scholarships each school year. This amount has increased significantly in recent years, a positive trend CRC is striving to continue. The endowment funds below were a tremendous help in funding a portion of these student scholarships.

An endowment fund is a wonderful way to leave a legacy that will benefit future students as they dedicate themselves to higher learning in a Christian environment. CRC’s goal is that this experience will enable each student to have a life of service to God and to strengthen the Church and to help them succeed in all aspects of life. Many thoughtful and generous donors have established Scholarship Endowment Funds in order to help students receive a quality, Christian education at Crowley’s Ridge College. Scholarship Endowment Funds provide financial resources that support the college’s Institutional Scholarship program.

When students apply for admission to CRC and receive Institutional Scholarships, they benefit from the Endowed Scholarship Funds that have been established by the donors listed below. Crowley's Ridge College is very appreciative to these donors and recognizes the lasting impact their gifts will have in providing funds to our students.

Bud and Rovene Barron Bible and Mission Endowment Fund
Established by Bud and Rovene Barron to fund Bible scholarships and student missions.

Morris S. and Alma L. Bills Endowment Fund
Established by Larry and Sara Bills in honor of Morris and Alma Bills to fund general scholarships.

Sara Bills Leadership Scholarship Endowment Fund
Established by Women for Crowley’s Ridge College for a returning female sophomore in honor of Sara Bills, president of WCRC from 1987-2001.

O.T. and Hazel Branch Scholarship Fund
Established by Hazel Branch to fund Bible scholarships.

Dr. Kelley and Katherine Brigman Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established by Kelley and Katherine Brigman to fund general scholarships.

Paul and June Carter Endowment Fund
Established to fund general scholarships.

Marshall Conner Endowment Fund
Established by the Osceola Church of Christ to fund Bible scholarships for male students.

Dr. William Crabtree Endowed Athletic Scholarship
Established by Bonita Crabtree in memory of her husband, Bill Crabtree.

Linda Cullum Endowment Fund
Established by Linda Cullum’s husband, Sherman, and son, Lin, to fund scholarships for needy young women.

Doug Davidson Endowed Academic Scholarship Fund
Established by Kenneth and Margaret Davidson in honor of Doug Davidson, 1980 CRC graduate, to fund academic scholarships.

Davis Endowment Fund
Established by Velma Davis for general scholarships.

Dayspring Endowment Fund
Established by an anonymous donor to fund general scholarships.

Lorene Duncan Endowment Fund
Established by Jonesboro Chapter of WCRC to fund general scholarships.

Gastineau Endowment Fund
Established by Bismarck, MO, Church of Christ to fund Bible scholarships.

Barton Good Endowment Fund
Established by Edna Good to fund general scholarships.

Granny’s Endowment Fund
Established by Helen Bradley to fund general scholarships.

Carroll C. Hart Jr. Scholarship Endowment Fund
Established by family and friends of Carroll Hart Jr. (CRC Humanities Instructor, 1994-2001) to fund general scholarships.

Heart of the Ozarks Endowment Fund
Established by Hillard Story, Arvil Hill and others in West Plains, MO, and surrounding area to fund CRC general operations.

Betty Holder Memorial Endowed Scholarship Fund
Established by Women for Crowley’s Ridge College and friends in honor of Betty Holder to fund general scholarships.

Buel T. Johnson Endowment Fund
Established by an estate gift to fund general scholarships.

Joe A. and Wanda Hall Johnson Endowed Academic Scholarship Fund
Created by Joe A. and Wanda H. Johnson to fund Bible and academic scholarships.

Jack and Sue Justus Endowment Fund
Established by Jack and Sue Justus to fund Bible scholarships.

Richard E. Martin Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Established by Lois Martin in honor of Richard E. Martin to fund Bible scholarships for future preachers.

Arthur Lee and Jamye Floyd Moore Endowment
Established by Erle T. Moore in memory of parents to fund Bible scholarships and general operations of CRC.

Nettles Endowment Fund
Established by family in honor of Cecil and Ruby Nettles to fund Bible Scholarships.

Doin Pitchford Endowment Fund
Established by friends of Doin Pitchford to fund Bible scholarships.

William and Marnette Ragon Endowment Fund
Established by Bill and Marnette Ragon to fund general scholarships.

Dr. LaVan Shoptaw Endowment Fund
Established by friends and family of Dr. LaVan Shoptaw who served as CRC’s first Academic Dean (1964-1974). The fund provides general scholarships.

Bob and Pat Singleton Endowment Fund
Established by Bob and Pat Singleton to fund general scholarships.

Bess B. Stinson Preacher Endowment Fund
Established by the will of Bess B. Stinson to fund Bible scholarships.

Carroll Trent Endowment Fund
Established by friends of Carroll Trent to fund Bible scholarships.

Waller-Phillips Endowment Fund
Established by Billy Phillips to fund general scholarships for rural students.
W.T. Winters Endowment Fund
Established by Dwayne Winters and Nina Winters in memory of W.T. Winters to fund scholarships for Bible majors.

To learn more about establishing an endowment fund in honor or memory of a loved one or friend through a current gift or through your will or estate plan, contact:
        Ken Hoppe, President, khoppe@crc.edu
        Richard Johnson, Vice President for Advancement, rjohnson@crc.edu
        870-236-6901 or 1-800-264-1096